Everyone has that dress. You know, the white halter neck dress made famous by Marilyn Monroe herself. You may not have even seen the movie where Marilyn Monroe wore the dress, but you know exactly the dress I’m talking about. Yup, we all have one just like it.

Have you ever found a white halter neck dress and thought anything other than Marilyn Monroe? I haven’t. When I found this vintage beauty at the moving sale of a local shop here in New Orleans, I didn’t think twice. The shop owner told me “That’s your Marilyn dress”, and within ten minutes I was cruising down Magazine St. with my Marilyn dress in tow.

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I’m still living off the high that was my trip to Los Angeles and how freaking amazing this black and white checkered top from Zara is. Although my days spent in Los Angeles were either climbing mountains to the Hollywood Sign, visiting the Urban Lights installation at LACMA, or appreciating their lack of humidity (their radio DJ’s were telling Los Angelites to prepare for a humid week-haha!), I still made an effort to dress up. Hello! It’s Los Angeles, where everyone can be a someone. When I saw this top on Zara, I knew this was the perfect addition to my metallic gold skirt from Forever 21. I’m telling you, I don’t think I made it look good…I think Los Angeles did. You can take the girl from LA, and you can definitely turn her into a girl from L.A.


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I like to think that I don’t always follow the trends, but I can’t say that’s true with this trend. A few months ago, I saw a picture of Kylie Jenner in this fabulous midi length fringe skirt paired with an all black ensemble. Needless to say, at that point, I had needed that fringe skirt yesterday.

When I finally got the fringe skirt in the mail, I wondered how I could make it look better than Kylie Jenner did. The answer is that I couldn’t. But what I could do is make the look my own, and that’s just what I did. Because fringe is forever (at least that’s the motto right now) I knew I could make it work as we start looking towards fall fashion. I wore the fringe skirt Kylie made popular, but I made it perfect for my autumn style.

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Occasionally, I am a woman who prefers simplicity when it comes to my outfits. You know what I’m talking about. Those days where you’re willing to get up and at ’em, but want your look to be lowkey cas’.

With the weather here feeling like I’m literally living in a sauna (minus the benefits), I’ve found that simplicity is key. Even though I want to get all dressed up, within the first ten minutes of being outside I’m already sweating. Hello to the shirt dress.

The shirt dress has been a long-time favorite of mine, but only recently did I see it start to trend in some of my favorite stores. Who wouldn’t want a long t-shirt made into a dress? You put it on, button it, and voila! You’re ready to hit the road. Simplicity simplified.

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There aren’t many prints that I feel are 100% wearable the entire year, especially in my tropical-like climate of New Orleans. We usually skip winter; it’s more like a less-hot summer during fall/winter. So, since I can’t actually use my long sleeve shirts and peacoats, I’m going to continue dressing in what most people would consider their spring/summer wardrobe, but floral is one of my favorite year round prints.

Floral prints are always so happy, fun and bright. Floral is also really diverse. Lately the most popular floral print is the green and white banana leaves seen from Dolce and Gabbana all the way down to my Victoria’s Secret underwear.

So this fall, step out your comfort zone and continue being fabulous in floral. It’s proven itself to be trendy all year long.

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