I started planning what I wanted to wear for Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve about a month ago. It was so fun for me because it got me excited to be returning home for the holidays. Shopping for Christmas this year made me want to really embrace the theme of Christmas with lots of reds, greens, and whites. When I begun planning my looks for these three days, I needed something that would be chic, fun, but super-Christmasy! These green pants were an unexpected find, but I knew they were just perfect for Christmas day. I get to be the present for a day!


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I’ll admit it—sometimes in winter, I sacrifice beauty for comfort. It’s cold, alright! Sometimes, those super cute sweaters and wool skirts just don’t protect you from feeling chilled to the bone. However, I was able to compromise with a pair of fashionable trousers that make you feel like they’re just as cozy as your bed, but ready to hit the town! Besides the ultra-comfortable feel, the fun racing stripe on the side is going to make you want to live life in the fast lane.

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After the big rush of wedding season dies down, bridesmaids are wondering to themselves, “What the heck am I going to do with the dress I wore only once and paid X amount for?” Well, me too girl. Staring into my closet at long formal gowns that aren’t quite right for Mardi Gras balls but I can’t get rid of because I paid so much for it can drive me crazy. If you’re lucky, the bride will pick a dress that doesn’t scream “I was a bridesmaid!” and rather “Maybe this is a bridesmaid’s dress but maybe not?!?”. In my case, that was the situation, but I was still left wondering how can I get more usage out of this dress? If you’re wondering the same thing, don’t worry. I’ve got a solution!

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I’ve really found myself ignoring the neutral hues of France and breaking out all my colors. Sure, maybe that screams that I’m not from here (and I’m not!). Winter white could be a break against the norm, but I want more than that! Bright colors are really what’s needed here. It’s perfect for those chilly days where I can feel the cold to my bones and I just want some sun! Why not create the warmth with fun, pretty shades? I could live with an Easter palette all year long with lots of pastel hues. Purples, pinks, greens and even oranges make me feel the happiest as spring is my favorite season. I’m deciding to get a head start on spring this year by starting my winter pastels now!

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A girl on the run doesn’t have time to sit around and wait. In a fast-paced world, clothing shouldn’t slow you down. I did the mini skirt, and it’s tried and true. But, my true love lies in midi skirts, where I feel most comfortable. Never one to try out a fun new style, I opted for this vintage beige skirt—otherwise called as the “paper bag” skirt. With a high waist design paired with a belt to make it look like you grabbed your paper bag lunch and jet out, this skirt is one of my favorite new pieces. It’s so easy you can take it to go. Guess what? It’s vintage, too!

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