Lovers of Victorian/Edwardian-esque style: your revival of the fashion seen during Queen Elizabeth I and her successor, King Edward, is back. Unfortunately, not all of the fashion is back, so no need to worry about wearing the ruff this fall. What is back is high, frilly necks. Similar to the turtleneck, the Victorian style high neck has made its appearance in Fall 2017 fashion. Apparently, wanting to look like someone from the late 1800s is very fashionable. Fashion always repeats itself, even if it’s over one hundred years later.

I’m already a huge fan of the turtleneck, so taking it *down* a notch with frilled high neck shirts is already a yes in my book. When I started searching back in July for mock neck blouses, my searches turned up almost nothing. However, a quick trip to Target helped me find the most amazing mod-inspired high neck dress on the market right now. This is a trend I won’t be so quick to forget.


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Elle Woods’ most famous words aren’t necessarily still true today. Sure, in the early 2000s, anything trying to replace the color pink, was seriously¬†disturbing. Juicy Velour tracksuits, Von Dutch hats, and graphic tees wouldn’t look right in any other color. But I haven’t bough a Von Dutch hat since I was 12 (and it was fake, mind you) so, I think it’s time to actually let orange replace pink. Oh wait, it already has.

Millennial pink is going to stay; don’t worry that your cafes will be remodeled in shades of orange. But let’s be real. Orange, and its light/dark shades, from tangerine or burnt rust, have spread like wildfire in the latest styles. So call me disturbed, Elle Woods, because I’m replacing pink with orange for this summer’s style.

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Over The Knee Boots hit the market fast. Was their departure as fast as their arrival? For close to two months, over the knee boots saturated shoe stores, Instagram feeds, and the street wear on our favorite models. Gigi Hadid even had a highly publicized campaign wearing Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots. But now, it seems over the knee boots have quietly exited from our attention. So, are they still cool? I vote yes.

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If you haven’t been keeping up with supermodel, master cookie baker and coder, Karlie Kloss, you probably wouldn’t know that she just released her first collection with mega-store Express on March 30. That’s not very “Like A Kloss” of you.

So, are you interested? You should be. In the fashion game for over 10 years, veteran model Karlie Kloss has appeared in countless spreads, campaigns, and runway shows. When she isn’t dominating the runway, she’s baking cookies (Karlie’s Kookies), enlightening us with her adventures with her Youtube channel (Klossy) or learning, and then teaching younger girls, how to code. Why now release a collection with Express? Because she lives like a Kloss. Want to¬†be like a Kloss? Read on.

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The Kardashian/Jenner clan would never be caught in clothes us normies wear on flights, like sweatpants, worn out jeans, or store-bought (not High Fashion) hoodies. Taking a flight for them is just another runway to sashay on. Although they fly private, meaning their comfortability is automatically better than ours’ while sitting on couch, their outfits seem a little extreme for a plane ride. Though model Kendall Jenner seems to put comfort over style compared to sister Kylie. If Kendall J. can rock a bralette over a shirt, why can’t I? I put her outfit to the test. Is her jean and bralette combo comfortable, stylish, and not too overbearing for my place in economy? I found out for you when I flew from New Orleans to LAX.

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