Have you or a loved one ever took part of the family beach portrait? C’mon, you know the one I’m talking about. It’s the picture where the whole family is laid out on a sandy beach, at sunset, and decked out in blue jeans and a white shirt. It’s the most American thing ever. I think it’s the official American uniform.

Somehow, I didn’t partake in this tradition, but I have definitely got myself wrapped up in the blue jeans and white shirt combo. In an attempt to look casual, but put together while not sweating my entire skin off (don’t you love humidity), I’ve found myself wearing lots of poplin. And what goes better with a white poplin shirt? Black Orchid denim, of course. I’m feeling very much like an American in this outfit.

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Alright, don’t get upset, but….until a few months ago, I was unfamiliar with the film Gigi. I know! For supposedly being all about Paris and loving its culture, society, and just about everything else it offers, I didn’t know Gigi. The classic French musical featuring a young woman named Gigi is the epitome of French glamour, and I didn’t know anything about it. Wait…what?

My lack of knowing about Gigi came to a head last summer. My sister traveled abroad in Paris the same time as I, and she had a list of places she wanted to visit. Not the usual tourist sites, but places where Gigi had been in the film. We did that, and the whole time she’s singing some song about how she “doesn’t understand the Parisians.” Um, hello? We’re in Paris, girlfriend. Come to find out, the song was from Gigi and you guessed it, she doesn’t understand the Parisians. Without spoiling it because you must watch it, I decided to dream of Gigi with my nouveau Paris inspired look.

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Let’s get one thing straight: I’m by no means a tall woman. I am genetically (un)blessed with a meager 5’2 stature. It’s something I’ve always said robbed me of becoming a model, if only in my pipe dreams.

So when it comes to long pants, like denim or trousers, I tend to search for options like “petite” or tapered because then I feel more confident that the fabric won’t swallow me.

Culottes, however, are short by design. But, they’re also wide-leg, and that’s never been quite a flattering option…short pants with wide legs? Just call me King Louis XVI.

So, without looking like pre-French Revolution noblemen, I decided to give the culottes a try.

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Black. Brown. Green. Warm Orange. The shades of autumn. Colors everyone knows and embraces once it becomes fall. Our outfits have to match our surroundings, right? Wrong! Why fit in with the falling leaves when you can wear a cheerful and refreshing color against a sea of black, brown, and greens? Let your autumn shades be unique this fall. When Lana Del Rey sung about “Shades of Cool”…this is what she was talking about.


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September 22 was the first day of Autumn…

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It is now officially autumn. If anything, New Orleans is now experiencing our third summer of the year. Most of the country is experiencing true bliss: cool nights and breezy days. We seem to skip autumn and go straight to a few bone-chilling nights.

I visited upstate New York last weekend for a wedding and got to see the beginning of fall foliage–a treat us New Orleanians never get to experience as it stays green (or dead) here all year round. My tiny glimpse of fall weather reminded me that I am adding to my bucket list seeing the leaves change.

For this shoot, we went to a beautiful neighborhood lined with oak trees. I was feeling Bardot-inspired in the dress, but felt like I was in the Antebellum era.

I was on the fence about keeping the dress due to the way it fit on me. Although I adored the pattern, the fit was strange. However, after a suggestion from a friend to cut the shoulder straps and tie it as a halter, I instantly fell in love with this dress again.

What’s trending this fall?

  • Lace up dresses and tees
  • Velvet
  • Bardot-inspired patterns
  • Glitter Heels, Booties, Sneakers and Flats


Zara Style New Orleans Gingham Fashion Fall Bardot Autumn


Zara Style New Orleans Gingham Fashion Fall Bardot Autumn

Zara Style New Orleans Gingham Fashion Fall Bardot Autumn


Zara Style New Orleans Gingham Fashion Fall Bardot Autumn

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