Jazz Fest In The Best Rain Boots For Your Style

Jazz and Heritage Fest veterans know that it will rain at least once during the festival. The weather forecast may say bright skies with no chance of rain, but locals know how quickly New Orleans weather can change. Jazz Fest isn’t known for its fashion. Its known more for comfort. Festival goers are trying to be comfortable, escape the heat, and keep dry. Heels are cute, but they won’t be so cute when they’re caked in mud. Plan ahead for Jazz Fest with the best rain boots to complete your look.

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New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest…aka The Festival of Rain Boots because it’s gon’ rain, y’all

Hunter Rain | Boots

These boots come in every color of the rainbow. They’re cute, trendy, and very feminine rain boots. They come in matte or glossy, so choose them like you choose your nail polish. The downside is: do you really want to get your $150 rain boots nasty, muddy, and dirty? Because trust me, you’re not just walking in mud on the fairgrounds. Also, when I tried them on, I accepted the fact that these boots will be on my feet forever. Yup, they were ridiculously hard to remove.



Helly Hansen | Rainboots

These boots are wider than Hunter, so your calves won’t feel like they’re being choked to death. They’re also half the price of Hunters and are available on Amazon. If you’re looking for a good boot, but aren’t bothered by its lack of color, the Helly Hansen MidSund Rain Boot is your choice. But be advised: its wide leg can mean you get water trapped in the boot.

Shrimpin’ Boots | Work Boots

Repurpose your dad’s or your grandfather’s work boots and wear ’em to Jazz Fest! So these boots are NOT cute. They’re not stylish. Sorry, no #FauxChella style with these boots. However, they will keep you dry and mud-free. They will 100% protect you from nasty weather out on the fairgrounds, but they won’t help your look.

Pit's first pair of shrimpin' boots. T bois!

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Doc. Martens | Street Boots

This boot is for the gal who doesn’t love rain boots, but also doesn’t want her shoes to get seriously dirty. They’re not the most practical in the event of a torrential downpour. They do keep you elevated and your feet dry…mostly. They’re in the price range of Hunter Rain Boots. This girl is not here to see Maroon 5, thank you very much.

Austin Trading Co. | Rain Boots

Ol’ reliable. Available in many colors and prints. Nothing fancy about them. They keep your feet dry and out of the water. I’m not too big on rain boots, but I’ve got a pair of these. These boots are pretty inexpensive and are at many big retailers, like Academy and Target. For no-fuss shoes, Austin Trading Co. is the way to go. So what if they get messed up? They’re a deal at only $20!

Bogg’s Slip On | Short Rain Boots

This boot is for the girl on the run. She can’t be bothered with the process of putting on and taking off a knee high rain boot. If you want to use your rain boots in situations other than bad weather, this boot is for you. It’s short; the boot is only ankle height. Despite being a tiny boot, it still keeps you protected from the elements. Just now, you need not worry about the pulling and yanking your boots off. One slip on your foot and you’re ready to go!

Crocs Modi Flip | Rain Sandal

So, it rained at Jazz Fest yesterday, but the ground is still gross? Too hot for rain boots? Wanting to work on that foot tan? The Crocs Modi Flip is easy, breezy, but not too beautiful. It’s a sandal, so your feet still may get dirty, wet or muddy. The shoes are nice after the ground has absorbed most rain water, but still has puddles. Your feet won’t be dying due to the Louisiana heat. They still act like a rain boot, minus the covering your feet part. Let’s take a moment to appreciate Crocs for what they are: our saviors.


Timberland | Waterproof Hiking Boots

I know. Timberland boots are for street style and Instagram pictures, only! But not these Timberland boots. They’re made for hiking (yes, I know New Orleans is flatter than the prairie) and are also waterproof! So you can trek though soggy ground and not cry internally because you just ruined your nice boots. There are several options to choose from, so you can at least have some style. Instagram away while wearing these boots.


Just a reminder: One Does Not Simply Go To Jazz Fest Without Rain Boots. You can think the weather will be good, but it always rains on Jazz Fest. It may rain for 10 minutes, but with all the pedestrian traffic, the fairgrounds are going to be torn up and so will your shoes. Plan ahead, my friends, and wear rain boots. You don’t want to miss any of the Jazz Festin’ or the fun. Let me know if my list helped you prepare for Jazz Fest!

What To Do In New Orleans Timberland Rain Boots New Orleans Festivals New Orleans Jazz Fest 2017 Jazz Fest Jazz and Heritage Festival Hunter Rain Boots Helly Hansen Festival Season Festival FauxChella Doc Martens Croc Bogg's Austin Trading Co

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  1. margaret early April 30, 2017 / 1:52 pm

    Best boots for jazzfest are shrimp boots! The aren’t too high up on your calves … Don’t sweat inside as much as other “rain” boots … Not expensive … Because if you are wearing them at jazzfest you are probably walking through horse manure … Plus … Can’t get more naturally n’awlins that dat!!!
    Ps. Forgot to say … They are very comfortable, too

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